Think big, do small

Ambitious, but begin by attempting to complete small tasks in the best way possible.


  • Help people in non-English speaking countries fully improve their ability to communicate in this language

  • Create a platform for connections and a “new type“ social network where learners may interact, make friends, and exchange cultures using English as a tool.

  • Bitu's goal is to make English accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, from urban to rural, from poor to wealthy.

Help people
practice speak English better
by focusing
on practice

Who is suitable for Bitu ?

Bitu was founded on a work ethic, innovative spirit, and openness to trying new ideas. We constantly encourage ambitious applicants who are prepared to take any measure to achieve. We don't care about your background, appearance, or social connections; Bitu identifies the top applicants for each position and fosters a supportive work atmosphere that encourages people to be enthusiastic about their jobs.


Let's create wonderful products

Phát Triển Kinh Doanh

Sublead Telesales

Up to 12.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 30/10/2023

Nhân viên Telesales Tư vấn khóa học

7.000.000 Thu nhập 10.000.000 - 15.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 30/10/2023

Telesales thị trường Thái Lan

9.000.000 - 13.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 31/07/2023

Trưởng nhóm kinh doanh thị trường Thái Lan

18.000.000 - 25.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 31/07/2023

Quản Lý Sản phẩm (Yêu cầu Tiếng Anh)

Chuyên Viên Học Thuật

9.000.000 - 12.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 20/10/2023

Admin Support Moderator

9.000.000 - 12.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 30/09/2023

Công Nghệ Thông Tin

NodeJS Developer

25.000.000 - 30.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 30/09/2023

Frontend Developer

25.000.000 - 30.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 30/09/2023

Marketing - Media

Social Community

10.000.000đ - 15.000.000đ

Hạn ứng tuyển: 31/10/2023

Digital Marketing

10.000.000 - 15.000.000

Hạn ứng tuyển: 31/07/2023


Personal Computer
Year-end bonus
Big holidays bonus
Coffee & tea
Vacation, team building
Free parking

Recruitment process


Profile review

Make sure your experience aligns with the company


Preliminary interview

We want to get to know you


Mini Project

A little exercise for the position you're applying for



Interview with Team Leader



Bitu sends offers to candidates


Career Launch

Congrats, you are a member in Bitu family