Product Roadmap

New features updated weekly


Introducing Bitu - An application to practice speaking English directly with foreigners.

March 2021 Opened trial speaking sessions 1-n for 0đ
Built-in features:

  • Join the discussion with 1 Moderator, and n users.
  • Chat: In-room participants can chat with each other.
  • Emotion: The participants in the room can express their emotions with the available emotions.
  • Allow the Moderator to evaluate the student's level
  • Introducing the Save/revise vocabulary feature

Open 1-2 paying speaking sessions


Quarter 1 (1-3/2022)
  • Opened 1-1 speaking sessions
  • Optimize the experience of new users when using the app.
Quarter 2 (4-6/2022)
  • Allow students to open the camera in the discussion
  • List of topics by hashtag
  • User's learning history
  • Expanding the market to Thailand
Quarter 3 (7-9/2022)
  • Optimize experience when using Bitu app
  • Optimize speed & performance
  • Introducing the Actively create free talk rooms feature
Quarter 4 (10-12/2022)
  • Vietnam's largest English-speaking social network
  • Added the option to evaluate level through the Listening test
  • Improved Group Talk experience


Quarter 1 (1-3/2023)
  • Bring Bitu to the world
  • Launch the "add friend" feature making it easy to connect on Bitu's social network for English speaking practice
  • Build a WEB platform, convenient for User Talk anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Focus on enhancing the Group Talk experience